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Dr. Alexander Neubauer

Root-canal treated teeth are dead teeth!

Technically speaking, during a root-canal treatment, the aching nerve is removed from a tooth. A healthy tooth is an organ with its own blood and nerve supply. After a root canal treatment, the tooth serves only as a dead pillar in the mouth.

Even in the best endodontics, a completely bacterial dense root is unrealistic, which is due to the complex and ramified root-canal system and it is now scientifically proven that even perfect root canal fillings result in immunological responses of the human biological system.

There is always dead tissue in the treated teeth, which is broken down by bacteria. This results in highly toxic compounds that inhibit the active center of many vital enzymes and can provoke immunological reactions.

During each chewing process, bacteria and their toxins are released into the lymphatic system of the surrounding tissue. Here, they enter the bloodstream of the entire body.

Dentistry is the only medicine that leaves dead tissue in the body. From a technical point of view, the root canal treatment can be carried out to preserve the chewing function. However, whether it is medically reasonable should be carefully considered.

In these aspects, a dead, root-canal treated tooth is considered very critical because it can have a massive impact on the immune system. Download Root to doeseas in English

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