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Mostly still undetected – Oral Interference fields due to tooth infections in the jaw

NICO - the chronic jawbone inflammation

Dead teeth and NICO - an often-overlooked medical problem

Dead teeth are often treated with root fillings. However, these treatments often harbor the risk that a chronic inflammation can subsequently develop. The chronic inflammation can then lead to a permanent strain on the immune system and exhaust it on a daily basis. In addition, it is a catalyst for many other diseases, which can also be an enormous burden. The technical jargon for the chronic jawbone inflammation is "NICO", which is a frequently undetected disease. The four letters "NICO" stand for Neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis, i.e. an osteonecrosis or a bone infarction. The first to describe this phenomenon was the American J.E. Bouquot of the University of Houston, whose research was centered around dead teeth and the causes of very painful trigeminal neuralgia.

This is how the chronic inflammation develops

The chronic inflammation of the jaw occurs when bone parts do not become ossified properly, but are filled with inflammatory tissue, toxins, heavy metals or fat cysts. The cause of such a chronic inflammation are usually unhealed wounds after a tooth removal. The wounds cannot heal properly, because there is a vitamin and nutrient deficiency of vitamin D, zinc, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids and possibly a stressful diet consisting of many sugar, wheat and cow's milk products. Instead of the wound healing properly and a healthy bone being built up, a thin bony covering is formed. Your interior cannot heal properly and toxins and heavy metals are responsible for the inflammation. This interference field can cause severe facial pain, but in most cases, it remains completely unnoticed since no classical inflammatory symptoms such as pain, swelling or pus occur. Frequently, experts also use the term ‘silent inflammation’ in such a case. Even if the inflammation does not trigger a lot of stress on-site, it can cause quite considerable problems in other parts of the body and cause the immune system to continuously attack. It is also possible that the toxins could reach distant parts in the body via the nerves, the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. Some of the disease symptoms that can be triggered by NICO are difficulty in concentration, lack of drive or persistent fatigue, as well as allergies. Disorders of the glands, rheumatism or thyroid problems are other possible consequences. In the worst case, the inflammations can even cause cancer in the breast and prostate.

Locating an oral interference field

A conventional X-ray image cannot portray the areas affected by the inflammation so that diagnosing a jaw inflammation is not always easy. If, however, it is suspected that you have NICO, e.g. because the cause of another physical condition could not be found or if you feel that your immune system could be affected; you can utilize a three-dimensional digital volume tomography (DVT) or a targeted neural therapy, so that such a suspicion can be specifically diagnosed. Once the diagnosis has been established, the interference field can be removed surgically to relieve the immune system, which generally leads to a significant health improvement.

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