Dr. Alexander Neubauer

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In many medical disciplines, the famous "view beyond the horizon" becomes a philosophy. But what is only a claim elsewhere is at the center of all thought and action in biological dentistry.

Get to know this difference in person - in a long-standing dental practice, whose healing methods go far beyond the concerns of oral health and always have the health of the whole person in mind. Because the condition of your teeth, dentures, gums, and jaws has a major impact on your entire organism, as well as how your overall physical ailments, disorders, metabolic disorders, or even muscular issues affect the health of your teeth or jaw joints.

Thus, MEDIDENT BAVARIA® brings together what belongs together on the basis of the latest scientific findings. Find a completely symptom-free life through this holistic denta approach, which focuses on possible causes in the area of ​​the teeth and temporomandibular joints!

MEDIDENT BAVARIA ® in Tittling is one of only a handful of practices certified by the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) for Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants. Your Founder and Dental Director Alexander Neubauer is one of the most experienced dentist in this field.

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"We are convinced that the health of the teeth, gums or jawbones can not be considered in isolation. In terms of biological dentistry, we therefore always have the effects of diseased teeth on the entire organism in mind. "