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Dr. Alexander Neubauer

To ensure an optimal treatment, we have listed the individual steps for you here.

All procedures are based on the biological, holistic principle and the latest medical research:

  1. Comprehensive anamnesis to possibly associate existing diseases with your teeth
  2. Comprehensive initial consultation including a vital signs monitor measurement and an Orotox test
  3. Cone beam CT
  4. Preparation of a detailed therapy plan with a cost estimate
  5. Caries treatment
  6. Metal restoration
  7. Prescription of vitamins and nutrients
  8. Preparatory infusions
  9. Creation of PRF - free of animal substances
  10. Surgery (as noninvasive and gentle as possible)
  11. Use of ozone and piezo technology
  12. Neural therapy
  13. Hilotherm cooling mask
  14. Post-operative care package
  15. Detox
  16. Follow-up after surgical procedures
  17. Production of your individual dentures

= a healthier and more vital life for YOU!

Throughout the treatment process you will not be left alone - we are there for you every step of the way to achieve an excellent result for your health.  

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you in our FAQs!

We are looking forward to hearing from you:

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